Hamilton Beach Slow Cookers for Entertaining

Hamilton Beach Party Crock

Serve hot, savory dips and warm, mouth-watering sides at your next dinner party with Hamilton Beach Party Crock.

Party Crock is both functional and convenient. The multi-purpose, cast-iron, dish can be used on the base, stovetop or in the oven. It is durable, looks good for any occasion and has excellent heat retention.

Place the crock on the electric cooking base for countertop cooking, freeing up time and oven space. Three heat settings to choose from: warm, low, and high. You can also prepare food in advance, keep the dish in the refrigerator, and place on the electric cooking base when it’s time to heat.

The 1.5 quart capacity is ideal for dips, appetizers, sides or cooking for one or two. Crocks are perfect for a buffet, but flexible and stylish enough to grace the dinner table. The cordless warming stand lets you serve at the table without a cumbersome cord and a tea light keeps your dish warm.

Hamilton Beach Party Crock, Candle

A booklet with recipes and party ideas is included.

Here are just some of the great features of the Hamilton Beach Party Crocks:

  • Porcelain-enameled cast iron cookware for exceptional cooking performance
  • 3 piece cooking and serving set
  • 1.5 quart crock and cover
  • Electric cooking base with low, medium, and high settings
  • Cordless warming stand

Hamilton Beach Party Crock, Table

Average Customer Rating: 4.5/5 ★★★★½ 

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Hamilton Beach Party Crock, Red

Hamilton Beach Party Crock, Blue

Hamilton Beach Party Crock, Yellow

Here is what several recent buyers have to say after purchasing the Hamilton Beach Party Crock:

Actual customer feedback:

Such a great find!!

This is the perfect size for 4 or 5 decent meals; I can make dinner and then have lunch for most of the week. The low-med-high settings is great for customizing it to how slow (or fast) you want to cook. The enameled cast iron cleans SO easily – but of course even for the small size is quite heavy, and not a piece you’d want to drop. On anything!

This is FANTASTIC!!! If you read the product description you know it is a party sized “slow cooker, dip warmer, chocolate melter, magical” kitchen gadget. It’s about 1 1/2 to 2 pint size. Absolutely perfect. There are so many things you can do with this. Now I NEED the other two colors. Seriously.

Great crock alternative for a small family…

This small capacity ‘party’ crock bowl has the quality of Le Creuset as it fits nicely on its heating element making it very efficient. It is perfect for the 1-2 family household. Don’t be fooled by the “party” in the title, this crock will do most anything a larger crock pot can, just smaller portion.

Heavy duty and versatile

Great for game day snacking

A nice versatile cook set for parties!

Being able to have the pot on the table for guests for things like chocolate and caramel sauces is a nice perk. And having a cast-iron enamel coated pot alone that can be used in the oven is worth the purchase price!

Perfect little Party Crock

Mini Dutch Oven, Perfect

I expected something really small–it is exactly the right size for what I wanted: to serve hot dips or appetizers at a party.

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Hamilton Beach Connectables Slow Cookers

Parties, family reunions and entertaining just got a whole lot easier with the Hamilton Beach Connectables Slow Cooker.

Travel friendly, mess-free and compact, this slow cooker is sure to make you the envy of your potluck pals.

With three cook modes, it’s easy to put your meal in the crock before work and have it ready to take to a gathering after. Hate arriving at a function only to find all the outlets are taken? No worries, we’ve taken care of that too by adding a built-in power outlet allowing multiple slow cookers to be used side by side while utilizing just one power supply.

Keep all the items on your buffet warm using just one power outlet with the innovative Hamilton Beach Connectables Slow Cooker. It’s simple. Plug in your slow cooker to the main outlet, and then plug another unit into the cooker’s outlet. You can connect up to seven Connectable Slow Cookers.

Hamilton Beach Connectables Slow Cookers

As part of our groundbreaking Stay or Go line, the Connectables Slow Cooker gives you the convenience of easy, no-watch cooking with the added benefit of worry-free travel. The lid clips tight for portability and hinges back for easy serving. The crocks 4 quart capacity is perfect for one-pot dishes, roasts or party dips. And its cubed shape makes for an easy fit on the buffet table. When finished, both the lid and crock remove easily for cleanup.

Hamilton Beach Connectables Slow Cooker, Sealed

Here are just some of the great features of the Hamilton Beach Connectables Slow Cooker:

  • Use only 1 wall outlet to power multiple appliances
  • 4 quart capacity
  • Power outlet on back for connecting to other slow cookers or appliances
  • Connect up to 7 connectable slow cookers to each other
  • Clip-tight lid for portability

Average Customer Rating: Brand NEW Item

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Hamilton Beach Connectables Slow Cooker

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